Black poplar

Anti-inflammatory, balsamic and expectorant action, counteracts cough, phlegm and chronic bronchitis, helpful in case of infections of the urinary tract, beneficial action on the circulation, useful in case of arterial insufficiency and arteriopathy of the lower limbs.
The black poplar, or populus nigra, is a tree belonging to the family of Salicaceae that includes also willow, is native to southern and central Europe and some Asian regions and can be even 30 meters high. The buds of the black poplar, harvested at the beginning of the spring, are used to obtain the glycerin macerate of the plant. This remedy is used to fight respiratory infections such as chronic bronchitis, it has balsamic and expectorant properties. In addition to this, the glycerin macerate of black poplar plays also a beneficial action in case of urinary tract infections, arthrosis and improves the circulation of the lower limbs in case of arterial disease with leg pain or numbness. You can take 50 drops of glycerin macerate once a day in a little water 15 minutes before meals. You can take advantage form the synergy with other glycerin macerates to amplify the action of black poplar. In case of arterial insufficiency the combination is indeed with the glycerin macerate of Alnus glutinosa. In the case of arthrosis instead the combination is with Pinus montana.
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