Black salt of Cyprus

Thanks to the vegetable carbon in it contained results useful in flavor dishes and at the same time to counteract abdominal swelling and fermentation and to absorb gas and toxins, useful in case of irritable bowel and colitis, detoxifying action, like all salts it is better to not use in large quantities.
There are several types of black salt, such as the black salt of Hawaii, Indian black salt from the mountains of India and very rich in minerals or the black salt of Cyprus. The latter is extracted through the process of evaporation from the waters of salt lakes of the island of Cyprus and its color is due to the presence of active vegetable carbon obtained by combustion of wood of linden, birch and willow. It is this addition that gives to the salt its typical color and makes it also useful to counteract abdominal swelling, given the capacity of the vegetable carbon to absorb gas and toxins. For these characteristics, the black salt of Cyprus can be used for cooking legumes in order to fight any fermentation and may be an interesting choice for those who suffer from irritable bowel or colitis. Black salt is characterized by a lower content of sodium chloride and has also remineralizing and detoxifying properties. It can be added to the dishes to flavor and decorate them, in fact it is presented in flakes with a particular pyramid shape. However, it is always advisable not to exceed with the doses of this type of salt, which, although characterized by interesting properties that also make it a treatment against intoxication, brings sodium chloride that, if in excess, can cause health problems including high blood pressure.
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