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Black tea

Black tea

Able to stimulate the body, helpful to improve concentration and in case of overweight, remedy in case of diarrhea, rich in antioxidants for the health of the cardiovascular system and against free radicals
Black tea is obtained from the leaves of Camelia Sinensis, the same plant as that of green tea, the difference between the two types of tea is in the production process: in black tea indeed the leaves are oxidized and fermented, in this way they become dark with a stronger taste. Black tea is naturally richer in caffeine than green tea, for this reason black tea is the perfect drink in the morning, but it is better to avoid it in the evening. Black tea contains also polyphenol and tannins, very important to treat diarrhea. Black tea is also a source of antioxidants, useful against free radicals and to preserve the cardiovascular system. Black tea helps also to lower bad cholesterol, to regulate the weight and to improve concentration. You can prepare black tea in this way: heat to boiling one cup of water, when it is boiling, remove it from heat and infuse one teaspoon of black tea for 5 minutes.
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