Blackcurrant vinegar

Calming and draining properties, useful against water retention, nervous hunger and kidney stones.
Vinegar is one of the most popular and widespread dressing, it gives flavor and is low calorie. The most common vinegar is that of wine followed by apple cider vinegar, but on the market there are several varieties of vinegar, produced from cereals or fruit, each with a particular aroma and properties. For example, there is blackcurrant vinegar, obtained through a slow process of acetification in wooden barrels of fermented blackcurrant juice. This vinegar has soothing and draining properties. For this reason, the blackcurrant vinegar helps to counteract nervous hunger, to prevent water retention and kidney stones. You can add it as a dressing to salads but not exceed with the quantity in order to avoid covering the true flavor of food, you can add just a few drops for a healthy dip. Alternatively, as a detoxifying treatment, try to dilute a teaspoon of blackcurrant vinegar in a glass of water and drink in the morning before breakfast.
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