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Blood orange

Blood orange

February 28, 2018
Vitamins and mineral salts, higher content in vitamin C than other varieties of oranges, rich in anthocyans that are powerful antioxidant substances, counteracts fatty liver, helps lose weight
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Blood orange is a type of orange, citrus sinensis, characterized by a dark orange-intense red colored flesh and by amazing healthy properties that make it, among all the citrus fruits, one of the best choices to put on the table. The distinctive dark red flesh is due to the presence of anthocyans that are powerful antioxidant substances that counteract the free radicals and protect from cancers. And the more intense the shades of red and purple of the flesh the more anthocyans are contained. Behind this characteristic there is a substance that can be found both in blond oranges a well as in blood oranges, but in blood oranges it is rightly placed so that it can activate, in presence of particular climate conditions such as hot days and cold nights, a gene, called Ruby, that plays a pivotal role in the formation of anthocyans (Butelli et al, Plant Cell, 2012). Blood oranges have also an anti-inflammatory action and are able to protect the health of the cardiovascular system since they can preserve the elasticity of the blood vessels and help counteract the formation of arteriosclerotic plaques. In addition to this, this type of orange brings also mineral salts such as iron, potassium and magnesium and vitamins, first of all the vitamin C in a higher quantity than other varieties of oranges, but also vitamin A for the health of the skin and vitamins of group B. For what concerns vitamin C it supports the immune system and promotes the assimilation of iron. For this reason it is very important, after a meal with legumes, to eat also a blood orange in order to absorb the iron contained in the legumes. As a consequence, blood oranges are an important food for those people who suffer from anemia. Finally, blood orange juice is efficient in lowering the fat accumulation and in losing weight in case of obesity (Titta et al, International Journal of obesity, 2010) but it is also able to counteract fatty liver caused by a diet rich in fats (Salamone et al., World Journal of gastroenterology, 2012). Moreover, the juice is also useful to decrease the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol. Among the different types of blood orange we can mention Tarocco, harvested from December to April and with a flesh blushed in red tones, Sanguinello, harvested from February to April and characterized by an orange-red flesh, and Moro, with a dark red flesh and harvested from December to February.

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