Detox action, helpful in case of hormonal imbalances, wrinkle treatment, able to protect skin from sun damages, useful in case of sunburns.
The borage can be easily recognized thanks to the hairy leaves and incredible blue flowers. Borage has detox properties and can be eaten, but remember not to eat it raw but to cook it always. In fact, if you eat a high quantity of raw borage, the substances contained in the plant can be toxic for the liver. For this reason, in order to avoid problems, cook borage and in this way you will take advantage from the detox action of borage. In addition to this, borage contains also phytoestrogens and can be helpful in case of irregularities of menstrual cycles or hormonal imbalances.

Borage oil

For external use borage oil can be applied on the face or around eyes as powerful wrinkle treatment and against skin spots. Borage oil is able to protect the skin from sun damages and in case of sunburns.

Fresh plant, external use

Apply some minced fresh borage on the sunburns (borage can be easily cultivated in pot or in soil).
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