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July 23, 2017
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Deep breath helps the body oxygenate itself better, strengthens it, gives clarity to the mind and lucidity, strengthens the immune system, helps in case of digestive problems, sour stomach, abdominal cramps and constipation thanks to the internal massage of the organs performed by this type of breathing, as proven by scientific studies it induces a feeling of calm and sends the signal to the body that you can relax

Natural remedies are not just herbal teas or preparations, sometimes they are gestures or small exercises that can bring big benefits. This is the case of breathing, a process that is so simple and automatic that we do not care about and, as a consequence, it is often penalized. Stress, difficult situations, anger and the breathing becomes superficial or we can even hold our breath. Breath brings oxygen to the body cells and removes toxins, a superficial breath does not properly oxygenate the tissues, causes fatigue, loss of energy and weakens the immune system. Try every day to do deep breathing exercises, here we propose two exercises, the first one can be done sitting at home or in the office, the second one can be done during a walk in nature!

Exercise 1

Sit down, one hand on the chest and one on the belly, start with the inspiration, inspire with the nose and image to fill first the belly and then the chest, this means that you should see the hand on your belly that raises up first and then the one on the chest, inspire as much as you can.

Then hold your breath for 5 seconds and finally breathe out with the nose by starting from the chest and by going down till the belly. Push out as much air as you can by contracting the abdominal muscles. Repeat this exercise for some breaths.

Exercise 2

You can do this simple exercise during a walk by combining it with the rhythm of the walk. Start by inhaling, inhale from the nose for 6 steps, then hold your breath for another 6 steps and finally exhale from the nose, also the exhalation should last for 6 steps.

Then make a break and breathe normally, after this you can repeat the exercise as described. Again, after a small break in which you’ll breath normally, repeat the deep breathing exercise. It can happen to feel dizzy, in this case stop and breath normally.

It is possible to combine this breathing exercises with a very simple but effective meditation and relaxation technique. While you are doing the exercises try to not focus your attention on any problems, but concentrate on the air, which first passes from the nose and then goes on inside the body, follow ideally this path, imagine the air that brings new energy and strength, then with the exhalation concentrate yourself on the air that comes out, imagine to leave all your worries. If properly performed these exercises help to feel good, they give you well-being and serenity. Deep breathing improves circulation, increases body oxygenation and the ability to eliminate toxins, moreover, it is used to massage the stomach and the other internal organs by resulting useful against constipation but also gastritis or air in the stomach. The benefits of deep breathing are witnessed by a recent study performed by a team of researchers of Stanford University and California and published in 2017 on the prestigious scientific journal Science, it seems that a calm and deep breath gives a signal to the neurons that the body can relax and it becomes indeed calm, stress is attenuated. In these conditions the immune system becomes stronger, it is actually the stress that decreases the defense-related cells, and each body function improves. Try to perform these deep breathing exercises every day, just for a few minutes, the only recommendation is to avoid them in presence of severe air pollution.

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