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July 02, 2017
Febrifugal action, able to cure not just the symptoms of fever but also the cause, strengthens the immune defenses, depurative and sudorific action
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Buxus, also known as box or boxwood, is a shrub belonging to the Buxaceae family, generally used in gardens as a hedge or as a decoration on the balconies it is also a medicinal plant. The box has in particular important febrifugal properties, since it is able to heal not just the symptoms but also the origin of the fever by giving tone, strength and by boosting the body’s defenses. This plant has also a depurative, laxative, antirheumatic and sudorific action. However, despite these beneficial effects, you should be careful when you use the boxwood, because this plant contains a poison, buxin, so before starting any treatment always ask your doctor for advice and for the preparation ask the herbalist, absolutely contraindicated in self-medication because wrong doses or long-term intake can cause serious problems. Avoid during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children. Here, we don’t include any decoction and infusion preparations, that, anyway, can be taken against fever, especially if insistent, because it is recommended to take boxwood under a doctor’s care. Instead, we report the recipe for footbaths and hand baths, proposed by the well-known herbalist Messèguè, this treatment has the advantage of acting promptly and does not require the internal intake of the boxwood.

Footbath with febrifuge, purifying and sudorific action

According to the recipe of the herbalist Messèguè, bring to boil two liters of water, then let it rest for five minutes and add two handfuls of leaves.

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