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Plant able to absorb part of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by televisions, computers and household appliances
The name cactus, or Cactaceae, refers to a succulent family of plants with varied shapes and sizes that are widely used at home for their ornamental role. But the beauty of the cactus does not stop there, as evidenced by a 2005 NASA study. The America’s space agency has in fact carried out a study on the types of plants that can be considered most suitable for living in a greenhouse on Mars. NASA has observed that there are plants able to survive to extreme changes in temperature, to a powerful solar radiation without the protection of the atmosphere that on the Red Planet is extremely rarefied and also able to absorb radiation. One of these plants is the cactus. So this thorny plant can be useful to protect us from electromagnetic pollution by absorbing the radiation emitted by computers, televisions or home appliances. Therefore, compositions of potted cactus placed on the office desk or in the rooms of the house with electronic devices contribute not only to cheer up the indoor environment but also to improve its wholesomeness. To maximize the protective effect, you should place the cactus on the line between the workstation, the chair or the bed and the computer or device in action. In addition to this, the cactus is also a very resistant plant, which does not require special care, just sporadic watering.
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