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Cane sugar, cosmetic use

Cane sugar, cosmetic use

February 07, 2018
Ingredient for homemade scrub, thanks to the glycolic acid that is contained in it has an exfoliating action, it is antiseptic, results helpful to counteract acne, blackheads but also wrinkles and dark spots
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Do you know that a wonderful and unexpected ally for our beauty comes from sugarcane, or Saccharum officinarum? Yes, because cane sugar can become an ingredient for homemade scrub and now we’ll see the reason. The cane sugar, beyond its sweetener role that will be deepened in a coming post, for external use is antiseptic and exfoliating thanks to the presence of glycolic acid, that goes deeper into skin, helps remove the dead cells that accumulate in the most external layers of skin, stimulates the production of elastin and collagen and makes the skin luminous and healthy with a uniform coloring. For this reason, thanks to this characteristic, cane sugar can be used to treat acne and blackheads, wrinkles and dark spots on skin. Mix a teaspoon of cane sugar and a teaspoon of water, then, before the sugar has melted, massage gently on the skin of the face for some minutes, avoid the region near the eyes, then wash and apply your cream. You will feel the skin smooth and soft. You can choose the whole cane sugar that hasn’t been subjected, or at least just partially, to a refining process, has a dark color, big grains and a delicate scent of licorice.

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