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December 17, 2017
Purifying, diuretic, digestive and laxative action
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The cardoon, or wild artichoke, scientific name Cynara Cardunculus, is a plant of the Asteraceae family, close relative of the artichoke. Typical winter vegetable the cardoon should be eaten cooked due to its very fibrous consistency, it has few calories, 17Kcal for 100 grams, and, as for the cooking preparations, its stems are used, that can reach also remarkable lengths, from 60 to 150 cm. As said, cardoons are very rich in fiber, that helps cleanse the intestine and fight constipation. These vegetables are also characterized by diuretic properties and are able to purify the liver. Moreover, the bitter taste stimulates the gastric activity and, for this reason, cardoons are also digestive. Do you want a very simple recipe to eat cardoons? Clean the vegetables by removing the outer part and put them to boil in water for about three quarters of an hour. After this time, drain the cardoons, season them with lemon juice, a little extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of ground sea salt.

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