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Cardus marianus

Cardus marianus

Purifying properties, able to protect the liver, tonic for the body, can stimulate the appetite, helpful in case of fever, allergy, sea, air and car sickness, helpful in case of problems of the cardiovascular system.
Cardus marianus, also called milk thistle or Marian thistle, is a tonic for the body, ideal during periods of stress, it is also able to stimulate the appetite and is a remedy against weakness and tiredness, fever and illnesses of the liver such as cirrhosis, hepatitis or other problems caused by excess of alcohol and medicines, because cardus marianus can purify and protect this gland. In addition to this, it is very useful in case of heavy period, nose bleeds but also wounds and it has an efficient action in case of problems of the cardiovascular system such as dizziness, low blood pressure or tiredness. Finally, cardus marianus results very useful in order to treat allergies, rash, hay fever, sea sickness and car sickness. If you suffer from high blood pressure it is better to avoid to eat cardus marianus, because it contains a molecule, the tyramine, able to increase the blood pressure.

Herbal tea

In order to stimulate the appetite, against the liver illnesses and circulatory disorders leave to brew one leaf and a root of cardus marianus in a liter of water for 10 minutes, strain and drink from two to three cups a day.

Decoction, for external use

To heal wounds and against infections prepare a decoction by adding a tablespoon of fresh or dry leaves for each liter of water, boil it for some minutes, then strain and, once it has cooled down, apply on the part.

Herbal tea against sea and car sickness

Leave to brew a pinch of seeds and a small piece of root in a liter of water for 10 minutes, you can add also some honey, and drink a cup before the travel.
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