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Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts

Vitamins and mineral salts, antioxidant and energizing properties, according to a scientific study are able to improve the absorption of glucose by muscle cells and are, for this reason, helpful in case of diabetes, thanks to the presence of fatty acids are helpful for the health of the heart, increase the good cholesterol and decrease the bad cholesterol, are a protection against macular degeneration of the retina related to aging, satiating power
The Cashew tree is an evergreen tree belonging to the Anacardiaceae family, it is very appreciated thanks to its fruits that contain a seed, the cashew nut, considered a type of dry fruit. The cashew nuts, characterized by a sweet taste, are rich in mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium, useful to control the blood pressure and to protect the health of the nervous system, iron, copper, calcium, zinc and selenium, and vitamins such as group B, K and E. The cashew nuts are high in fat, around 50%, but we are speaking about monounsaturated fat, very useful for the health of the cardiovascular system because this type of fat is able to lower the levels of LDL cholesterol, the bad one, and to increase at the same time the good cholesterol HDL. The cashew nuts contain also a precursor of serotonin, the tryptophan, with beneficial effects on the mood. In addition to this, cashew nuts have also antioxidant properties thanks to the presence of substances such as zeaxanthin, that plays a role in the prevention of macular degeneration of the retina related to aging. Moreover, according to a scientific study published in 2010 on the journal Molecular Nutrition and Food research by a team of the University of Montreal, the cashew nuts help counteract diabetes because their extract has been demonstrated to be able to increase the absorption of glucose by the muscle cells. However, cashew nuts are a high energy food, they bring indeed 550 kcal for 100 grams. You can eat them as a tasty and healthy snack during the morning or in the breakfast yogurt or when you need energy. Cashew nuts can be allergenic because of anacardic acid, contained also in mango and pistachios, for this reason be careful if you have a sensitivity towards these fruits. Finally, cashew nuts contain fatty acids and for this reason they can easily become rancid, keep them in a cool and dark place.
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