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Castor oil

Castor oil

Strong laxative, cosmetic properties for skin, hair, nails, lips and eyelashes, helps to soften calluses and corns, softens and moisturizes the cracked lips, strengthens brittle nails, fortifies eyelashes and makes glossy and healthful dull hair by balancing also the production of sebum, helps in case of skin irritations and itching
The castor bean or castor-oil-plant, scientific name Ricinus communis, is a plant belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. From the castor seeds an oil is obtained, the famous castor oil, strongly laxative due to a toxic substance, the ricinoleic acid in it contained. Used in case of constipation it should be taken at small doses, away from meals and for very limited periods of time, a couple of days at most, mixed with a juice to mitigate its unpleasant taste. Always ask your doctor for advice and consider that the internal use of castor oil, due to its very aggressive action, is going to be abandoned, the risk is to cause excessive loss of fluid and dehydration. However, castor oil does not only have this effect, in fact, it is very much appreciated in cosmetics for the care and beauty of skin, hair, lips, eyelashes and eyebrows. You can use this plant-based oil in case of dull hair and to strengthen and replenish the eyelashes, but also to rehydrate cracked lips or to soothe itching and skin irritations as well as to treat corns and calluses. Castor oil, in fact, has nutritious and strengthening properties, acts as a soothing and softener. Try to tap it with a cotton ball on the skin in the evening and allow it to act the whole night. As for the hair, try to make yourself a mask by distributing castor oil, mixed in equal parts with sweet almond oil, on the hair, wrap your hair with a plastic wrap and allow it to work for about half an hour, this treatment helps the dull hair to become glossy and healthful. To avoid the opposite effect, do not apply more than once a week. Castor oil can also help with weakened eyelashes, due, for example, to the use of mascara. Always in the evening, before going to sleep, distribute a small amount of oil on the eyelashes, avoid contact with the eyes and allow it to act the whole night. And if you have weakened and damaged nails, heat slightly a little castor oil, then, once warm, apply it on the nails for half an hour, it can help to reinforce them.
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