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Cedar of Lebanon

Cedar of Lebanon

Skin problems that cause itching and dry skin, useful in cases of psoriasis, eczema or ichthyosis
The cedrus libani, or cedar of Lebanon, is an evergreen conifer belonging to the Pinaceae family whose fame is of very ancient origin so much that, with its wood, the Phoenician ships were built and, according to the Old Testament, cedar timber was used to build the columns of the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem. Symbol of strength and majesty, this plant has also an importance as a herbal remedy. In fact from its buds a glycerin macerate with an antiseptic and regenerating action on the tissues is obtained. This remedy is mainly used to treat skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis or ichthyosis, keratosis that affects the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet but also dermatitis with intense itching and dry skin. You can take 30 drops of glycerin macerate one to two times a day, in a little water a quarter of an hour before meals. In particular, in case of psoriasis, you can take advantage from the synergy with the glycerin macerate of Secale cereale, rye, or, in case of allergic irritations, with the glycerin macerate of Ribes Nigrum.
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