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Champignon mushroom

Champignon mushroom

December 20, 2017
Vitamins and mineral salts, source of proteins and fibers, able to lower triglycerides, bad cholesterol and blood sugar levels according to scientific studies, against constipation, give a sense of satiety, support for the immune system and anticancer action
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Champignon is the French name of the mushroom Agaricus Bisporus of the Agaricaceae family. The champignon are mushrooms with a delicate taste and now widespread all over the world, they can be cultivated and, for this reason, can be found all the year in supermarkets. The fact that the champignon are cultivated in a controlled soil has another advantage, in this way indeed the mushrooms don’t absorb pollution, toxic substances or radioactive compounds unlike the mushrooms that can be harvested in woods. They are a low-calorie food, 20 kcal for 100 grams, and are an important source of fibers that are useful for the intestinal health, act against constipation, give a sense of satiety and help keep under control the blood sugar levels and the cholesterol. This last statement has been confirmed by scientific studies, such as the research published in 2013 on the Journal of the science of food and agriculture, that says that there aren’t just the fibers contained in the mushrooms that lower the bad cholesterol but also an enzymatic action that inhibits the production of cholesterol. Another study in 2010 published on the journal Nutrition research has shown the capacity of champignon mushroom to lower the blood sugar levels, the cholesterol, in particular the bad one, and the triglycerides while an increase in the HDL levels has been observed as a consequence of a daily consumption of champignon. In addition to these very important properties, the champignon mushrooms are characterized also by an high intake of proteins and mineral salts such as zinc, potassium, phosphorus and selenium, and vitamins, such as D, K and group B, useful for the proper functioning of the nervous system. The champignon strengthen also the immune system and have an anti-cancer action, as shown by a study published in 1993 on the prestigious scientific journal Cancer Research, the scientists in particular have isolated a substance able to inhibit the proliferation of damaged cells. How to eat the mushrooms? If the champignon are very fresh then you can eat them raw, clean them well with a wet cloth and cut into thin slices, add to salads with a little olive oil and some drops of lemon. In alternative, you can clean the mushrooms and cut them into slices, then cook them in a frying pan or add to soups, like the miso soup, or to the sauce of pasta.

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