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December 14, 2016
Diuretic, detox and anti-inflammatory properties, helpful in case of rheumatism, gout, problems of the liver and its functions, water retention, helps to purify from toxins, useful in case of skin irritations, acne, eczema, conjunctivitis, insect bites
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Chervil, Anthriscus Cerefolium, is also called garden chervil and is an annual plant with anti-inflammatory, purifying and diuretic properties, it results helpful in case of constipation, gout, rheumatism, water retention, skin problems and insect bites but also in case of eye diseases, red and inflamed eyes. Some wild varieties are toxic, for this reason choose always cultivated chervil and buy it in herbalist’s or specialized shops. Since its properties dissolve with the heat chervil is not a remedy that can be boiled or cooked. You can use it as fresh juice or brew when the water temperature goes down. But let’s see the main uses in detail.


You can blend with a blender a handful of chervil leaves and pour the poultice in a glass of water sweetened with honey. The drink helps purify from toxins, constipation, skin problems, liver problems.

Herbal tea

In order to benefit from the diuretic properties of chervil you can prepare a herbal tea in this way: heat a liter of water, at the first boil remove from heat and leave to brew a handful of dry leaves, or half a handful of fresh leaves, for ten minutes. Strain and drink up to three cups a day.


Pour half a handful of dried leaves (a handful of fresh) in a liter of water and heat. At the first boil remove from heat, strain and when it is lukewarm you can apply the remedy on the skin in case of irritations, dermatitis, acne. This decoction can also be used as a compress on the eyes in case of tired, red and inflamed eyes, swollen eyes and conjunctivitis.

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