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Chestnut, glycerin macerate

Chestnut, glycerin macerate

Lymphatic circulation support, remedy for lymphatic stasis, swollen and heavy legs, cellulite, lower limb edema, helpful to prevent varicose veins
From the buds of the plant Castanea vesca, namely the chestnut, a solid tree of the Fagaceae family, a glycerin macerate able to bring benefit to the lymphatic circulation is obtained. In case of lymphatic stasis, lower limb edema, cellulite, heavy and swollen legs and venous and lymphatic insufficiency you can use this remedy, which is rich in ellagic acid, a powerful polyphenol with antioxidant properties. You can take 50 drops of glycerin macerate of Castanea Vesca (Chestnut) in the evening before going to sleep. You can use this glycerin macerate also together with another glycerin macerate, that of Sorbus domestica, for a more effective treatment in venous and lymphatic insufficiency of the lower limbs, the two remedies act indeed in synergy to prevent swelling and to fortify the capillaries by protecting the body from the appearance of varicose veins.
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