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June 09, 2019
Vitamins and mineral salts, able to lower blood sugar levels, helpful to counteract cholesterol, against water retention and cellulite, able to protect the liver, the stomach and the heart, reduce the waist line
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Aronia, scientific name aronia melanocarpa, is a bush belonging to the Rosaceae family. Its fruits, called aronia berries or chokeberries, are berries that, for what concerns their appearance, remind the blueberries but the taste is a bit sourer. Aronia berries can be found in the form of dried berries or in the form of juices.

Chokeberries, properties

As for the properties, aronia berries are a source of vitamin K, useful for the health of bones and the proper blood clotting, vitamin C, group B, mineral salts such as calcium, potassium and magnesium. The berries are then highly antioxidant because they are rich in anthocyans. Anthocyans are substances of the class of flavonoids that, in addition to giving the deep blue color to the berries, make them also a powerful natural remedy. Aronia berries are in fact able to protect the liver and the stomach, support the immune system, are anticancer, anti inflammatory and antiviral (Jurikova et al, Molecules, Jun 2017). According to scientific results, aronia has proven to be able to even counteract the virus of type A influenza (Valcheva-Kuzmanova et al, Folia Med, 2006). Moreover, scientific studies showed also that aronia plays a role in lowering blood sugar levels and reducing abdominal fat, cholesterol and triglycerides (Banjari et al, Frint Nutr, Nov 2017). Aronia has beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system by protecting the health of the blood vessels and contributing to prevent atherosclerosis (Zapolska-Downar et al, Eur J Nutr, Aug 2012). Finally, aronia helps in case of swollen legs and cellulite (Savikin et al, J Med Food, May 2014). For this reason, you can use aronia berries for the general wellbeing of the body, in convalescence or to strengthen the immune system, in case of water retention and cellulite, high levels of blood sugar and cholesterol, overweight. SPZIO Aronia, how to take it and side effects - As said before, you can find chokeberries in the supermarkets or specialized shops, even online, in the form of dried berries, that you can add to the breakfast soy yogurt, or in the form of juices. In this last case the dose is a small glass every day. Undesired or toxic side effects aren’t reported for what concerns the intake of aronia (Valcheva-Kuzmanova et al, Folia Med, 2006).

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