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Chrysanthellum Americanum

Chrysanthellum Americanum

Antioxidant and hepatoprotective action, able to lower cholesterol, helpful in case of gallstones and kidney stones
Chrysanthellum, called also chrysanthellum americanum, is a plant originating from Peru and Bolivia, but nowadays is widespread in Africa and Central and South America. In the Antilles this plant is called “the small plant that cleans”. Chrysanthellum has hepatoprotective properties, that make it an ally to treat hepatitis and other problems related to the liver. This plant has also antioxidant properties with an action against free radicals and, in addition to this, it results able, according to tradition, to lower cholesterol. Finally, the chrysanthellum can also be used in case of gallstones and kidney stones. Try the brew by simmering for 10 minutes 3 pinches of dry plant in a cup of water. You can also assume the chrysanthellum in capsules of dry extract or in the form of mother tincture, 30-40 drops three times per day.
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