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June 29, 2016
Rich in vitamins and mineral salts, against free radicals and able to fortify the immune system thanks to the high quantity of vitamin C, remedy in case of high pressure, water retention, cellulite, able to improve digestion, remedy for sour stomach, constipation and headache since it has laxative and pain-relieving properties

Citron is rich in mineral salts and vitamins, especially vitamin C, very important against the free radicals. It helps in case of cellulite, water retention but it is also helpful for the blood pressure regulation and can be a remedy in case of cystitis. Citron has a digestive action, can help in case of sour stomach and in case of digestive problems and constipation. In addition to this, citron is also a painkiller and is a low-calorie fruit. It is better to avoid industrial drinks and candied citron.

Fresh fruit

You can eat the fruit or the juice, just squeezed and diluted in warm water in order to preserve its properties. Citron juice is an excellent remedy in case of headache or constipation. Both the fruit and the juice are very important for the pressure regulation.

Essential oil

you can mix some drops of citron essential oil in oil of sweet almonds and massage it against the skin imperfections derived from cellulite. However, avoid it in case of pregnancy, nursing or in case of sunbathe.

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