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Citrus honey

Citrus honey

July 23, 2017
Antispasmodic and sedative properties, useful in case of nervousness, insomnia, agitation and digestive disorders, purifying properties, helpful in case of sore throat and cough, can be used as a mask and scrub on the skin with a smoothing and antibacterial action
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From the flowers of the Citrus plants, such as orange, lemon, bergamot, citron and mandarin tree the citrus honey is produced. This honey is characterized by a very light color and a delicate flavor, the scent reminds that of the jasmine or of the flowers of the plants from which the honey is obtained. This type of honey is appreciated, besides for its taste, also for the antispasmodic and sedative properties, ideal against insomnia and agitation, nervousness and irritability. Citrus honey is very sensitive to heat and if you use it in cooking you can risk to lose its properties, so the best way to use it is to add the honey to cold drinks, such as iced teas or lemonade. In this last case, for example, you can add to the juice of the lemon also two fresh mint leaves and a teaspoon of citrus honey. All the drinks sweetened with citrus honey become drinks with interesting soothing and purifying properties. Thanks to the antispasmodic action, citrus honey is also good for treating digestive disorders related to stress or excessive food, in this case you can take a teaspoon of citrus honey in a small glass of lukewarm water. In addition to this, citrus honey has also a healing action, very important to treat gastric ulcers. As with other types of honey, citrus honey is also helpful in case of sore throat and cough and is a great food for athletes or for those who have to face busy days as it provides energy ready to be used. Citrus honey is also used in the formulation of skin creams and beauty masks, in fact you can try to massage on the face and neck two teaspoons of this honey, let it work for a few minutes then remove it by using a cotton ball, this mask helps to purify the skin, smoothes it by acting as a scrub and it has also an antibacterial action.

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