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Cloudberry seed oil

Cloudberry seed oil

January 15, 2020
Antioxidant, emollient and anti-inflammatory action, useful in case of sensitive skin, but also mature with wrinkles and itchy scalp, counteracts the damage of aging and smog
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Cloudberry, also called Nordic berry or lakka in Finnish, scientific name Rubus chamaemorus, is a herbaceous plant of the Rosaceae family that includes also the rose and fruit trees such as apple, pear, cherry and almond trees. The cloudberry is found in the Nordic countries, in America and Canada and from its seeds, through a cold pressing process, an oil is obtained which is considered a powerful cosmetic for the beauty of the skin of face, neck and eye area.

Cloudberry oil, what science says

Cloudberry oil is characterized by the presence of antioxidant substances such as quercetin and ellagic acid, but also vitamin E, another substance able to fight free radicals, and essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 (Fidelis et al, Molecules , 2019 - Paivarinta et al, Nutr Cancer, 2006). Thanks to these characteristics, cloudberry oil protects the skin from the cold, from smog damages and from aging processes, is anti-aging, emollient and anti-inflammatory (Fidelis et al, Molecules, 2019).

Cloudberry oil, applications and warnings

Cloudberry oil is found in herbalist’s shops or in online stores. For the characteristics seen in the previous paragraph, this vegetable oil is useful to nourish and soften dry skin, it takes care of areas where the skin is thinner and more delicate such as the eye area, reduces redness and irritation and counteracts wrinkles. In the evening, after spraying a little floral water, you can massage a couple of drops of oil on your face. But cloudberry oil, since it is anti-inflammatory, soothing and emollient, can also be useful in case of itchy scalp. In this case, moisten the head with water or a hydrolate. Mix a tablespoon of grape seed oil and a teaspoon of cloudberry oil and apply this lotion to the scalp with a massage. Leave on for 15 minutes then rinse with your shampoo. Cloudberry oil is considered a safe ingredient, however, it is always good to perform a test on a small area of the skin to be sure that there are no allergic reactions. Cloudberry oil is a delicate oil and, once the bottle is opened, it should be consumed within a few months and should be kept in a dark place. Finally, for those who do not like DIY, cloudberry oil is easily found on the market inserted in ready-made serums, lotions and creams. In the INCI it appears with the name Rubus Chamaemorus Seed Oil.

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