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Mineral salts and vitamins, laxative and diuretic effects, remineralizing in case of excessive sweating, able to regulate the liquids, helpful in case of cellulite and water retention, coconut water is able to regulate the levels of cholesterol and it is a relief in case of gastric inflammations
Coconut can be eaten as a fruit, alternatively it is possible to drink coconut milk and coconut water.


The fruit, the coconut with the white pulp that can be eaten on the beaches, is rich in mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, copper, iron. It contains also vitamins, such as vitamin C, B, E and K. Coconut is also a source of fibers and water, important in case of constipation. The high content of mineral salts is then helpful in order to remineralize in case of excessive sweating, it makes also coconut a fruit with diuretic properties and able to regulate the liquids. Coconut contains also fats, for this reason it is better not to exceed with this fruit in case of overweight.
Coconut water –Coconut water does not have fats contained in the coconut fruit. It has also diuretic, anti-inflammatory and detox properties. Coconut water absorbs the toxins of the digestive tract and purifies the blood. In addition to this, coconut water acts also as a tonic for the liver and the kidneys. According to scientific studies, coconut water helps also to lower cholesterol.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk is coconut pulp blended. For this reason, like the fruit, also coconut milk is rich in mineral salts and vitamins. Coconut milk is a natural remedy in case of gastritis, sore stomach and acid reflux. If you suffer from these symptoms, try a glass of coconut milk.
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