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September 06, 2017
Cholagogic and diuretic properties, helps the removal and prevention of small stones of the biliary tract, thins the bile, protects and improves the functioning of the liver, useful in case of jaundice, purifying action
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Combretum micranthum G. Don, or combreto, is a plant originating from African and belonging to the Combretaceae family. The combreto has variable shapes depending on the region in which the plant lives, it may therefore be a shrub or a tree but can also looks like a vine. The plant is rich in polyphenols, in particular flavonoids and catechins, which give it diuretic and cholagogic properties. This means that the remedy is helpful in case of gallstones because it thins the bile. But the combreto improves also the functioning of the liver, in particular the benefits are reflected in an improvement of the bilirubin and transaminases values, and is helpful to treat cases of jaundice. The plant carries out an action of purification of toxins. Finally, between the years 80 and 90 the combreto was the subject of in vitro studies by a group of researchers of the University of Genoa, this research has found, in vitro, antiviral action against hepatitis B, herpes simplex and also HIV. You can take combreto in herbal tea, bring to a boil 100 ml of water and a teaspoon of dried leaves, boil for a few minutes then filter and drink before meals. Do not exceed the dose and always ask advice your doctor for advise because a too intense action can cause colic, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

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