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Common beech

Common beech

Diuretic properties, useful in case of cellulite, water retention, overweight or obesity due to water retention, renal failure at the initial stage, kidney stones, beech has also a cholesterol-lowering effect
The common beech, scientific name Fagus sylvatica, belongs to the Fagacee family and looks like a very large tree with a smooth and thin bark. The beech buds are used to prepare the glycerine macerate of this plant, a diuretic remedy used to treat issues such as cellulite, water retention, overweight due to water retention but also kidney stones or renal failure at the initial stage. The glycerine macerate also reduces cholesterol levels in the blood. You can take the glycerine macerate, 50 drops once a day 15 minutes before the meal. It is possible to take advantage from the synergy of beech with other glycerine macerates to enhance its effect, for example, in case of water retention it may be helpful to use together beech and birch or Castanea vesca.
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