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Common centaury

Common centaury

June 06, 2018
Digestive and tonic properties, improves digestion, useful in cases of loss of appetite, bad breath and meteorism, protects and cleanses the liver, for external applications it has a healing and soothing action, against skin spots
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Common centaury, scientific name Centaurium erythraea, is a plant belonging to the Genzianaceae family. Its name comes from the centaur Chiron, a figure of Greek mythology skilled in medicinal herbs. According to myth, Chiron used the Centaurea to treat a wound caused by a poisoned arrow shot by Hercules. Beyond the myth, the Centaurea is characterized by interesting health and beneficial properties for digestion but also for the skin. For internal use, the remedy can be used as an infusion or mother tincture, in fact the remedy works by stimulating the production of gastric juices and by purifying the liver, it is useful in all cases of loss of appetite, meteorism, bad breath, poor digestion and connected headache. In addition to this and thanks to the tonic effect, the plant is also used to counteract weakness and convalescence. For what concerns the external applications, the centaury helps to relieve redness and to counteract rashes, it accelerates wound healing, cleanses acne-prone skin and acts against dark skin spots. But let's see in detail the possible uses, remember that the centaurea should be avoided in pregnancy, breastfeeding or if you suffer from ulcer.

Herbal tea

Bring to the boil a little more than a cup of water, remove from the heat and put to brew 2 teaspoons of dried plant for 5 minutes, drink after meals.

Mother tincture

Alternatively, you can use the centaurea mother tincture, 30 drops in a little water twice a day after the main meals.

External use

You can prepare the herbal tea of centaurea, the same recipe we have just seen, and apply it on the skin with a cotton ball or gauze.

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