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Common comfrey

Common comfrey

February 28, 2018
For external applications, useful to speed up the reabsorption of hematomas, able to heal wounds, helpful to treat joint swelling and joint pain, sprains and distortions
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The common comfrey, scientific name Symphytum officinale, is a plant belonging to the Boraginaceae family characterized by hanging flowers with a color ranging from white to violet. This plant is also known as cultivated comfrey, knitbone, consound or slippery-root. The common comfrey is very useful as a herbal remedy and is also mentioned for its healing properties by the famous German herbalist Maria Treben in her books. The roots of this plant, in fact, in the form of tincture or poultices, result very useful for external applications to soothe and bring relief in case of sprains, bruises, joint pain and joint swelling. In addition to this, the common comfrey can also be applied to speed healing in case of varicose ulcers or wounds and to help reabsorb hematomas. The common comfrey is mainly used externally, there is also the possibility to prepare herbal teas that can be sipped to treat bronchial catarrh and digestive disorders but this use is strongly discouraged since the plant contains a toxic substance for the liver. For external applications it is used instead the poultice that is obtained by mixing the flour of common comfrey, obtained from the dried and ground roots, and hot water. Apply this poultice on the part, then wrap with a cloth and let the remedy act. This preparation is especially useful for ulcers, hematomas and bruises. Alternatively, you can use the tincture, the recipe for this preparation is provided by the same Maria Treben. Wash the roots of common comfrey and cut them into pieces, then fill a glass bottle with these roots without compressing them. Add some brandy or spirit and leave to macerate in the sun or in a warm place for two weeks. This preparation is then rubbed on the area, very useful in case of distortions, sprains or joint swelling.

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