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Common medlar, leaves

Common medlar, leaves

June 02, 2019
Remedy able to reduce blood sugar, useful in case of diabetes and prediabetes, powerful antioxidant and anti inflammatory action, neuroprotective effect against Alzheimer
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Common medlar, scientific name Mespilus germanica, is a tree of the Rosaceae family. Its fruits are the medlars, important source of vitamin A and characterized by anti inflammatory properties. In this post we’ll speak about the medlar leaves and their interesting applications in case of diabetes, prediabetes and as a weapon to counteract degenerative illnesses.

Medlar leaves, properties

According to scientific studies (Shafiee et al, Medicines, Jan 2018), indeed, medlar leaves are able to lower the blood sugar levels both in case of diabetes and insulin resistance, a condition often considered prediabetes. In case of insulin resistance, in fact, the cells react less to insulin. As a consequence, in blood there are high levels of sugars and the body should produce more insulin in order to maintain the balance. However, in the long run, the produced insulin is less and less effective to maintain the right levels of sugars in blood and this may be the beginning of diabetes. As we have seen, however, the medlar leaves seem to be able to reduce the levels of sugar in blood. Moreover, the leaves of medlar show anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties thanks to the high content in flavonoids and carotenoids (Kouhestani et al, J Menopausal Med, Dec 2018). In particular, one of the most abundant, and also powerful, antioxidant substances present in medlar’s leaves is the kaempferol, able to counteract inflammations also in the brain. This makes the medlar’s leaves a possible and future remedy against degenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer (Kouhestani et al, Neural Regen Res, Oct 2018).

Medlar’s leaves, herbal tea

It is possible to prepare the herbal tea of medlar’s leaves. Bring to boil a cup of water, remove from the heat and add a tablespoon of dry and chopped medlar’s leaves. Let it brew for 10 minutes, then filter and drink after the meal. Due to the hypoglycemic effect ask your doctor for advice before using any preparations with medlar.

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