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Useful in case of asthenia, depression, recurrent infections that heal slowly, with zinc it results useful to restore balance in case of hormonal changes and disorders connected to them such as acne localized on the chin, hair loss
Copper is an essential trace element, it facilitates the transport and the use of iron from the intestine and is therefore useful in case of anemia, asthenia and convalescence. The copper has also an antiseptic effect, it fortifies the immune system, it is used in case of fever or inflammatory and infectious processes of the joints and of the respiratory tract, especially if recurrent, it is important for the production of melanin, the natural pigment that gives color in hair and eyes. Natural source of copper are shellfish, chocolate, liver, nuts, grains, legumes and fruits. In case of low copper you can use a supplement. Here are the most common:

Copper and Zinc

You can use it as an endocrine regulator in case of hormonal disorders, pimples located on the chin, hair loss associated with hormonal changes. One dose per day for long periods, even up to three months. SPACE Copper, Gold and Silver - Copper with gold and silver is applied in case of shortage of defensive processes or depression. In case of convalescence, postoperative phase, recurrent infections and infections that heal slowly you can try to take 1 dose per day or on alternate days for two weeks. In case of depression the treatment continued up to 3 months.
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