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Anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties proven by scientific studies, antiviral and energizing action since it increases ATP levels, which is the energy source of body cells, improves the ability of the body to use oxygen, useful in case of convalescence, stress, fatigue and debilitation
Cordyceps sinensis is a parasitic fungus of a moth, usually Hepialis armoricanus, it belongs to the Cordycipitaceae family and is very rare, so much that in ancient times it was reserved only to noble families. Nowadays, it has been found how to produce it in controlled cultivation so that the remedy can be purchased all around the world. Well known and appreciated by traditional Chinese medicine, cordyceps, also called the caterpillar fungus, is considered an elixir for the body, able to reinvigorate it, to bring vitality, to give tone and energy, to increase the resistance to illnesses and to strengthen the immune system. The energizing properties of cordyceps have been proven by scientific studies that have shown that this fungus increases by almost 30% ATP levels, the source of cellular energy, as it is possible to read in a 2014 review published in magazine 3 Biotech and written by a group of Indian researchers. Moreover, Cordyceps also improves the body's ability to use oxygen and allows rapid recovery after fatigue and effort thanks to this effect. The fungus contains vitamins such as E, K, B and mineral salts such as iron, zinc and copper, it acts also as an antioxidant, antiviral and antimicrobial and has a role in avoiding the replication of many types of cancer cells, thereby damaging them and causing their death. The fungus protects the cardiovascular system by keeping cholesterol and triglyceride levels under control. Thanks to these properties cordyceps is indicated in case of convalescence, stress, fatigue, debilitation and to fight aging processes. You can take the standardized extract in tablets, 1-3 times a day as needed, avoid it during pregnancy and breastfeeding since there are currently no studies that indicate the safety in this delicate phase. You can find cordyceps in specialized, real or online, stores but be careful with certificates that testify the quality of the product.
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