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Corn silk, the surprising remedy

Corn silk, the surprising remedy

January 29, 2023
Vitamins, mineral salts, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances, help in case of water retention and to counteract kidney stones, cystitis and other urinary tract infections, prebiotic action, helps to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and body weight
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Corn silk is often considered a waste material to be thrown away, but corn silk has been a remedy known for centuries by popular medicine and, nowadays, also by science. In fact, there are several studies dedicated to the properties of corn silk. Today we are talking about this, focusing on the beneficial effects of corn silk, the risks deriving from taking this remedy and how we can exploit the properties of corn silk.

Corn silk, nutrients

Corn silk provides valuable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances, such as flavonoids, tannins and phenolic compounds (Ding et al, Front Nutr, 2022 - Hasanudin et al, Molecules, 2012). Not only that, corn silk contains vitamins, especially E and K, mineral salts, such as calcium, potassium and magnesium (Guo et al, Nutr Metab, 2009).

Corn silk with a prebiotic action

An unregulated diet too rich in fats and sugars, stress, advancing age but also drugs and diseases can alter the intestinal microbiota, which is the set of good bacteria that live in our gut and on whose health depends that of the whole organism. Indeed, an unbalanced microbiota can present an increase of bacteria that promote inflammation, weaken the immune system, cause insulin resistance and high cholesterol. Corn silk has shown a prebiotic action, capable of bringing balance within the microbiota and reducing the proliferation of pro-inflammatory bacteria, which are also capable of increasing cholesterol and blood sugar (Ding et al, Front Nutr, 2022).

Corn silk against high cholesterol and blood sugar

Research has shown that the intake of preparations based on corn silk can help reduce triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol, it is believed through the modulation of the gut microbiota and with an action on the liver, reducing the synthesis of endogenous cholesterol (Ding et al, Front Nutr, 2022). Not only that, the intake of corn silk extracts made it possible to reduce blood sugar levels in 5 weeks in the case of type 2 diabetes (Ding et al, Front Nutr, 2022). In this case, the action of the corn silk can support and stimulate the functionality of the beta cells of the pancreas, responsible for the release of insulin (Guo et al, Nutr Metab, 2009).

Corn silk against obesity and overweight

The intake of corn silk extracts has been shown to reduce body weight and fat accumulation, even in the case of a high-fat diet (Lee et al, Nutr Res Pract, 2016).

Corn silk against urinary infections and water retention

Corn silk is a useful remedy in case of cystitis and other urinary tract infections. Not only that, the corn silk counteracts water retention and the formation of kidney stones (Lee et al, Nutr Res Pract, 2016).

Corn silk, how to take them and risks

Corn silk can be taken in the form of herbal tea or extract. To prepare the herbal tea, bring a cup of water to the boil together with a spoonful of corn silk, simmer for 2-3 minutes, then remove from the heat and let it rest for ten minutes, filter and drink. In the case of the extract, pay attention to the indicated doses and always ask your doctor for advice to avoid interactions with drugs already in use. Very high doses of corn silk taken for long periods of time, such as when taking supplements for a long time without referring to the label on the package, have been shown to be hepatotoxic (Ikpeazu et al, Acta Sci Pol Technol Aliment, 2018).

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