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Cynodon dactylon

Cynodon dactylon

July 24, 2016
Diuretic, purifying and anti-inflammatory properties, remedy in case of cystitis, rheumatism, gout, renal colic and cellulite, regulator of blood pressure, helpful in case of flu with fever, It protects the liver
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Cynodon dactylon, also known as devil’s grass, wiregrass, Bermuda grass, despite his reputation as a weed, is a plant with healthy properties. The grass has in fact diuretic and depurative properties, is recommended mostly in case of kidney and bladder inflammation, cystitis, rheumatism, gout and renal colic, it disinfects the urinary tract. Thanks to the diuretic effect it is helpful also to regulate the blood pressure and it is against cellulite. It can be used in case of flu with fever but also in case of gallstones. Let’s see now the main uses.


To purify the body during the season changes and to prevent liver disorders, prepare a decoction by adding a handful of leaves, ears and roots to one liter of water, bring to boil and let it boil for some minutes, filter and drink two cups a day.

herbal tea with licorice and lemon

The infusion, with refreshing and cleansing properties, is very helpful in case of bladder problems, cystitis and stones. Take a handful of roots and add it to one liter of water, let boil for one minute. Throw the water, clean the roots and boil it again in one liter of water for ten minutes. Add a pinch of licorice, a pinch of mint, a grated lemon zest.

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