Cypress, mother tincture and extract

Mother tincture in case of colds, flu, phlegm and cough while fluid extract for water retention and venous insufficiency.
The cypress, scientific name cupressus, is a plant of the family Cupressaceae characterized by the typical candle-like and tapered shape. But the cypress is not just a beautiful ornamental tree, it has also important healthy properties. In a previous post we have already seen its use in the form of decoction, now we focus the attention on two preparations that you can easily find in herbalist’s or chemist’s shops, the fluid extract and the mother tincture. The fluid extract, obtained from the berries, rich in tannins, is generally used to treat water retention and venous insufficiency thanks to the vasoconstrictive and astringent action (Koriem et al, Interdiscip Toxicol, Mar 2015). In this case, 30 drops are taken in a glass of water twice a day for one month before the main meals. The mother tincture instead, obtained from young branches rich in essential oils, is mainly used for the anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties of the plant, very useful against flu and cold (Alamgeer et al, Chin Med, Sep 2018 - Selim et al, BMC Complement Altern Med, Jun 2014). In this case 40 drops are taken in water 2 times a day before meals until symptoms resolve.
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