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March 20, 2016
Useful to purify the liver, can stimulate liver and kidneys, detoxifying effect, helpful to decrease cholesterol, diuretic effect, in case of rheumatism
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Dandelion has detoxifying and diuretic properties. Dandelion is useful to stimulate the liver, the kidneys and the skin and help eliminate toxins. It is also a helpful remedy to treat rheumatism thanks to the detoxifying action. It helps also decrease cholesterol and can be used in case of water retention, high blood pressure and cellulite thanks to the diuretic property. In addition to this, dandelion contains also calcium and vitamins A, B, C. Dandelion can be eaten in salads, by using the leaves, or as herbal teas from its roots. If you are taking medicines with diuretic action or if you suffer from gastritis or peptic ulcer it is better to avoid dandelion.

In salads– Dandelion grows spontaneously, you can harvest dandelion before the first flower and use it in your healthy salads.

As herbal tea– You can prepare a tea with the roots of dandelion, dried or fresh. Add a teaspoon full of roots to a cup of water, boil for some minutes. Remove from heat and leave to brew for about 10 minutes. Strain and drink one or two cups a day, better without food.

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