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Dry eyes, eye strain or conjunctivitis, little green remedies to bring relief and benefit to the eyesight

Dry eyes, eye strain or conjunctivitis, little green remedies to bring relief and benefit to the eyesight

April 13, 2022
Eye exercises, herbs, supplements and lifestyle to counter conjunctivitis, dry and tired eye, even when caused by many hours at the computer
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Allergies of the period, but also spending many hours at the computer, staring for long at books or papers, or even wearing contact lenses or simply being exposed to pollution, all this can have repercussions on the health of our eyes. And here in a moment we can find ourselves with blurred vision, with greater difficulty in focusing, with red and burning eyes. Thankfully, nature and some simple lifestyle changes can help. Let's try to understand better on the basis of recent scientific research.

When you spend too much time at the computer

Staying in front of a computer screen for several hours can cause eye strain. Experts have even given this condition a name, calling it computer vision syndrome or digital eye strain. Behind this syndrome there is a wide range of causes and for this reason it is difficult to identify the exact reason why vision can be blurred and fatigued. Therefore, the expert advice is to adopt a holistic approach that includes, for example, eye exercises (Coles Brennan et al, Clin Exp Optom, 2019). It is important to take breaks while working on the computer. The advice is to look at a distant point, about 20 meters, every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Not only that, repeated blinking also helps to improve visual fatigue. In fact, being in front of a screen for a long time often leads to a reduction in the number of times we blink (Portello et al, Optom Vis Sci, 2013). Doing exercises in which you blink repeatedly for a few seconds helps to restore the right frequency and thus also the lubrication of the eye. Then, another tip is to use lenses that filter blue light and use artificial tears, possibly with hyaluronic acid.

Allergies and irritations

Seasonal allergies and conjunctivitis can cause itching and redness in the eyes. In these cases, help comes from euphrasia, a plant with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties (Paduch et al, Balkan Med J, 2014). Euphrasia-based eye drops can be used, one drop per eye three times a day (Stoss et al, J Altern Complement Med, 2000). Alternatively, you can buy euphrasia in dried form in herbalist's or chemist's shops. Bring a cup of water to a boil along with a teaspoon of the plant. Let it simmer for a few minutes, then remove from the heat. Let it rest for ten minutes, then filter and let it cool down. Use for eye packs.

Dry eye

Dry eye is a condition that affects the ocular surface and is associated with reduced tear secretion and an increase in inflammation. As a result, you may experience pain, burning or irritation in the eyes, discomfort, blurred vision and red eyes. The causes are many, such as the use of contact lenses, being in front of a computer screen for many hours, pollution and some make-up products. A remedy in case of dry eye is given by artificial tears, which however sometimes do not give the desired results. Studies have found that, among all types of artificial tears, those containing hyaluronic acid are capable of showing the best results (Yang et al, Int J Environ Res Public Health, 2021). Science is interested in supplements to be taken by mouth and capable of counteracting dry eye syndrome. It has been observed that supplements containing 20 mg of lutein, 4 mg of zeaxanthin, 600 IU of vitamin D3 and 200 mg of curcumin are able to improve symptoms related to dry eye (Radkar et al, Ophthalmol Ther., 2021).

The exercise that always works, palming

Whether it is a computer vision syndrome, a dry eye or eye fatigue, due, for example, to many hours spent staring at books and papers always at the same distance, the palming exercise is a real ally for sight. In fact, palming relaxes and revitalizes the eye muscles and stimulates the circulation of the aqueous humor, thus also helping to correct, at least in part, visual defects (Kim et al, J Phys Ther Sci., 2016). Cup your hands over your eyes, without squeezing the eyeballs. Close your eyes and stay in this position, breathing. Then, remove your hands from your face and open your eyes. You can perform ocular motility exercises, moving your eyes left and right, up and down, up and right and then down and left and the other way around, while keeping your head fixed. Then, try turning your head left and right while keeping your eyes in the center. Blink and then repeat palming.

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