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Dwarf mountain pine, herbal medicine

May 22, 2019
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Dwarf mountain pine, herbal medicine

Protects the health of bones and cartilage, as demonstrated by scientific studies

Dwarf mountain pine, also known as creeping pine, mountain pine and mugo pine, scientific name Pinus montana, is a plant belonging to the Conifer family. From its gems a glycerine macerate is obtained with interesting properties especially for what concerns the bone health.

Mountain pine glycerine macerate, properties

It seems that this natural remedy is able to sustain and support the state of good health of cartilages and bones by counteracting any degenerations. This action is due to substances contained in the mountain pine and belonging to the class of monoterpenes, such as borneol and beta pinene, which, based on scientific studies, have shown to be able to inhibit bone resorption (Dolder et al, J Bone Miner Res, Apr 2006 - Muehlbauer et al, Bone, Apr 2003).

Therefore, this natural remedy finds application in case of osteoporosis, related both to menopause and aging, bone fractures but also arthrosis and joint pain (Bruno Brigo, Natural Medicine from A to Z). Furthermore, due to its antioxidant action, the glycerine macerate of mountain pine is able to reduce the oxidation of LDL cholesterol (Grassmann et al, Phytomedicine, Jun 2005). This action is really remarkable if we consider that it is precisely the oxidized LDL cholesterol that stimulates the inflammation and accumulation of lipids on the walls of the arteries (Trpkovic et al, Crit Rev Clin Lab Sci, 2005). You can use glycerine macerate of mugo pine in case of osteoarthritis, either at the knee or at the hip or even in the spine, and joint pain.

Mountain pine glycerine macerate, how to take it

You can take 50 drops of the remedy 3 times a day in a little water a quarter of an hour before meals. You can also take advantage of the synergy of this glycerine macerate with other macerates. For example, in case of fractures it may be useful to combine it with the white fir, scientific name Abies pectinata, for arthrosis, instead, the winning mix is with the vine, or Vitis vinifera, and the birch sap, finally, in case of osteoporosis it can be useful to combine the glycerine macerate of mugo pine with the bramble, or Rubus fructicosus.

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