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February 01, 2017
Adaptogenic action that supports the body in case of stress and makes it more resistant to fatigue, tonic and invigorating properties, indicated in cases of fatigue, decreased energy, stress, anxiety as well as loss of desire, strengthens the immune system, improves the mental clarity and concentration
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The Eleutherococcus, or Siberian ginseng, is a medicinal plant from the Araliaceae family with tonic, invigorating and anti-stress properties. The Eleutherococcus does not present toxicity, on the contrary, it is able to adapt and modulate its activity against issues and diseases without having a specific action on a single organ. You can use this remedy in cases of physical and mental fatigue, low energy and strength, in order to fight irritability and anxiety, to deal with stressful situations for the body that can also be represented by noise, seasonal and climate changes, too hot or too cold weather, travel. Winter can bring melancholy, if you often feel down, eleutherococcus can help by stimulating the nervous system and improving good mood and energy. Eleutherococcus results useful in case of loss of desire linked to anxiety. However it does not act if the cause is due to physical problems. It is also useful to support the body in convalescence, for example after a flu, or to improve the memory and the concentration in view of important exams. The Eleutherococcus acts as invigorating in cases of low blood pressure and strengthens the immune system. Its action is also effective because it acts as a tonic without increasing anxiety, however, avoid the remedy in case of hypertension, hyperglycemia, pregnancy and lactation. Excessive doses or prolonged use can cause insomnia and irritability. You can take Eleutherococcus as mother tincture or tablets.

Mother tincture

25 to 40 drops of mother tincture once a day before breakfast. SPACE Tablets - One tablet twice a day.

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