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Take this remedy always under medical supervision, useful to treat asthma and bronchitis, rhinitis, laryngitis and urticarial, able to counteract hypotension
Ephedra, scientific name ephedra distachya, is a plant of the Efedraceae family characterized by bronchodilator, antihistaminic and hypertensive properties. This effect is due to the alkaloids present in the remedy, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine, considered performance-enhancing substances for sporty people. Ephedrine was an ingredient of many dietary supplements, but since 2004 in the United States is no longer on the market because of some deaths caused by an abuse of this substance. However, this plant has an important medicinal effect known in China for thousands of years, this plant has indeed a powerful bronchodilator action in order to treat asthma and bronchitis. In addition to this, ephedra has also an expectorant action, acts against rhinitis, laryngitis and urticaria but also to counteract hypotension. Due to the effect of the remedy, it is contraindicated in case of hypertension and hyperthyroidism. Take the remedy always under medical supervision, can cause anxiety and tremor.
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