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Anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and diuretic properties, remedy in case of urinary tract disorders, bleeding, sore throat, water retention, kidney stones, helpful to prevent hair loss but also in case of excessive sweating of the feet, to be used to stop bleeding including nosebleeds
Equisetum, or horsetail, is a plant which grows wild in fields, however, it is better to buy the herb in specialized shops since there are different species of horsetail and some of these are toxic. Equisetum has an anti-inflammatory, healing and diuretic action. It has beneficial and curative properties against urinary tract infections, kidney stones, water retention and cellulite. In addition to these properties, the horsetail is a remedy to treat wounds, ulcers, sores, bleeding, including nosebleeds, sore throat. The horsetail is also applied, as suggested by the famous herbalist Maria Treben, against dandruff and in case of excessive sweating of the feet. Let’s see the main uses.

Herbal tea

Leave to brew a teaspoon of horsetail in a cup of water for about ten minutes, filter and drink in case of abdominal cramps, urinary problems, and kidney stones. In case of sore throat you can gargle with this tea. To stop bleeding you can apply a compress of concentrated herbal tea of equisetum once cooled: in this case prepare the infusion from three teaspoons full of equisetum in a cup of water. In case of dandruff or to prevent hair loss, massage the skin with the equisetum infuse, this treatment will fortify the hair. In cases of excessive feet perspiration, you can prepare a foot bath by adding equisetum to the water.
Mother tincture: you can take 30 drops 2 times a day in a glass of water for a month.
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