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Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Antioxidant properties, protects the heart, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, control of weight, remedy for dry and chapped lips and nosebleeds due to the dry climate
The olive oil is the liquid gold of Homer, known and appreciated since ancient times for its healthful and therapeutic properties, nowadays it is the object of numerous studies to demonstrate its effectiveness as an essential food for a healthy life style. The extra virgin olive oil is obtained by cold mechanical pressing of the olives, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, which has an action against free radicals, strengthens the immune system and prevents cognitive decline, but the olive oil protects also the cardiovascular system by a heart attack and stroke and provides good fats, important for those who have high cholesterol because it helps to control the levels of bad LDL cholesterol. The extra virgin olive oil also helps to control the body weight and blood sugar levels. Moreover, a study of 2015 and published in JAMA Internal Medicine magazine has brought to the attention the role of olive oil in the prevention of cancer breast: it is certainly only a preliminary result but very encouraging. The advice is to privilege the use of the extra virgin olive oil raw, or, when you use it for cooking, it is better not to heat it too much, this may deteriorate the properties, and add the ingredients when the oil is still cold. Then a consideration: it is true that the extra virgin olive oil is good and healthful, however it is also true that the oil is a high-calorie food, and for this reason do not consume excessive amount of it. But the extra virgin olive oil can also be useful for treating problems such as dry, chapped lips or recurring nosebleeds especially if caused by a dry climate, for example in winter when you turn on the heaters: a few drops of olive oil on the lips or inside the nose will help to soften the area, keep it hydrated and quickly heal any wounds.
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