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Fat burning diet Part 1, the risk of fat

Fat burning diet Part 1, the risk of fat

October 03, 2018
Scientific studies have demonstrated that fat, especially if localized on the waistline, isn’t inert but produces hormones and pro inflammatory substances, we will speak about the indexes used to know if we have a normal weight or are accumulating too much fat
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Fat burning diet, why is it so important? Because health can also be measured through body weight! We aren’t speaking about exhausting diets that promise in a short time to make you lose weight and we aren’t speaking about lifestyles that cause extreme thinness, this isn’t health neither for the body nor for the mind. We are referring, on the contrary, to diet choices that, with time, help keep our optimum body weight by counteracting obesity and the dangerous fat accumulations, especially on the waistline. This because, according to scientific studies, an excessive weight increase is linked to a higher risk of developing illnesses such diabetes, hypertension and cancers. On the basis of an article published in the journal Cell Metabolism, obesity may cause modifications at a cellular and DNA level damaging the cells and creating the conditions for the development of cancer (Ruifang Li et al, 2014). And what about belly fat, this isn’t inert fat but, according to several scientific studies (Coelho et al, Arch Med Sci, 2013 or Deng et al, Annu Rev Pathol, 2016), a proper endocrine organ more active than the subcutaneous fat and able to produce hormones, molecules such as PAI-1, involved in blood clotting and linked to a higher cardiovascular risk, and other pro inflammatory molecules such as tumor necrosis factor alpha or interleukin 6, that feed chronic inflammation in the body and, as we explained in the previous posts, create the environment for aging and illnesses. In order to keep at bay our weight and to know if we are accumulating fat, different methods are available, for example the body mass index. However, this index is considered unreliable because it doesn’t take into account the visceral fat, very dangerous also for people who have a normal weight. Another method is the waistline length, in women it should be less than 80 cm and in men less than 94 cm (Shimajiri et al, J Atheroscler Thromb, 2008 or Berentzen et al, PLoS One, 2010). Finally, as suggested by a study performed by Oxford Brookes University, it is possible to use the ratio between waistline length and height. This index seems to be the most reliable method to measure the distribution of fat and evaluate the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular illnesses or hypertension (Ashell et al, Obes Rev, 2012). The index is calculated in a very simple way, you should divide the waistline length, taken 1 cm above the bellybutton, by the height both measured with the same unit of measure, cm or inches. The resulting value should be under 0,5 (Browning et al, Nuts Res Rev, 2010). This introduction let you understand why it is important to keep at bay the body weight, in the next posts we will see the foods that we can use to counteract the excessive fat accumulation. There are indeed foods that are able to mimic the fasting, namely while we are eating the body receives a signal that says we aren’t eating and we will see how this will contribute to increase longevity, we will see also foods and drinks able to accelerate the metabolism, well, keep on following us!

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