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Fat burning diet Part 7, the herbal teas green tea and Java tea

Fat burning diet Part 7, the herbal teas green tea and Java tea

November 11, 2018
To counteract the dangerous fat accumulations on waistline and to fight obesity let’s see the interesting properties of green tea and Java tea
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In the latest posts we have focused the attention on the fat burning foods because, according to scientific researches, the adipose tissue, especially if localized on the waistline, may result a problem for health since it has been shown to worsen the chronic inflammations (You et al, Curr Diabetes Review, Feb 2006). A condition of chronic inflammation of the body in the long period may cause several illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, auto immune diseases, cancer but also depression (Lopez-Candales, J Nat Sci, Jun 2017). We have seen that spices are very interesting fat burning foods, always on the basis of scientific studies, today let’s see the drinks that are helpful to counteract overweight and abdominal fat.

Green tea

Green tea is a drink studied a lot by science, both for its anti-cancer action and for its role on the metabolism. It seems indeed that green tea acts on the abdominal fat, the most dangerous, by reducing it (Raso et al, Acta Cir Bra, May 2017). The mechanism of action is explained by considering the effect of some antioxidant substances contained in green tea, the catechins. Catechins indeed, according to scientific studies, induce thermogenesis, namely the production of heat from the adipose tissue (Nirengi et al, Springerplus, Aug 2016). Moreover, the regular consumption of green tea isn’t just useful to reduce waistline and hips, but it is also able to decrease blood pressure and LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol, with a protective role on the cardiovascular system (Nagao et al, Obesity, Jun 2007). However, in order to get the maximum benefits from this powerful drink, you should pay attention to some considerations for what concerns the preparation of green tea. The infusion of the leaves should be longer than 5 minutes, the best is about 9-10 minutes in order to extract the maximum quantity of catechins. In addition to this, before adding the leaves the water should have reached a temperature around 70°C, 60°C if we are speaking about the green teas of finest quality such as the Japanese Gyokuro.


Ortosiphon stamineus, also called Java tea, is a well appreciated drink thanks to its diuretic properties and for its anti-obesity action. This herbal tea is able indeed to reduce the body weight, the total cholesterol, the LDL bad cholesterol and the triglycerides (Seyedan et al, Planta Med, May 2017). Moreover, Java tea has also hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties (Yam et al, Am J Chin Med, 2017). The Java tea is prepared in the following way, bring to boil the water, then remove from heat and add a teaspoon of plant per cup. Let it brew for 15 minutes, then filter and drink.

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