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Fat burning diet Part 9, the problem of milk

Fat burning diet Part 9, the problem of milk

Milk and dairy products produced from animals fed with corn, soy and wheat present an excessive amount of omega 6 in respect than omega 3, a condition that may cause in the long run a weight gain and fat accumulation
Until the first years of the new millennium it had not been possible for the scientists to understand the so called American paradox, although this phenomenon isn’t observed just in US but also in other Countries such as Europe. Between 1976 and 2000 American people were able to lower their intake of fats and calories but nevertheless the registered obesity was growing (D. Servan Schreiber, Anti Cancer, Sperling & Kupfer – Heini et al, Am J Med, Mar 2017). And the biggest problem for the scientists was that obesity was growing also in children younger than 12 months and this couldn’t be caused by wrong diet and fast foods. The first to understand a possible explanation were the researchers of a French team led by Gerard Ailhaud and Pierre Weill, they claimed that this increase in obesity could be due to an unbalance between omega 3 fatty acids, anti inflammatory and able to limit the adipose cells, and omega 6 fatty acids, pro inflammatory and able to stimulate the production of adipose cells and the fat accumulation, with a clear prevalence of omega 6 (Ailhaud et al, Obes Rev, Feb 2004 – Ailhaud et al, Prog Lipd Res, May 2006). Both, omega 3 and omega 6, are essential fatty acids, this means that the body isn’t able to produce them but they come from diet. And both are necessary for the health but they should be good balanced in a ratio omega 6 / omega 3 of 1-4 / 1 (Patterson et al, J Nutr Metab, Apr 2012). In Western diet instead the omega 6 may be from 15 to 40 times higher than omega 3. The scientists demonstrated the correlation between a high-omega 6 diet and obesity (Ailhaud et al, Obes Rev, Feb 2004 - Patterson et al, J Nutr Metab, Apr 2012). And in particular what kind of foods shows this unbalance? We are speaking about milk and dairy products, that in the past were produced from animals fed with herbs rich in omega 3, that reached also the final product that was high in omega 3. On the contrary, these products nowadays come from animals that are fed with corn, wheat and soy, rich in omega 6. The milk and the dairy products are in this case rich in omega 6. Moreover, one of the few anti cancer substances contained in animal products, in particular in the cheeses but only if the animals are fed with herbs, is CLA, a fatty acid that disappears in case of a corn/wheat/soy based diet of animals (Servas-Schreiber, Anti Caancer – Ip et al, Cancer, Aug 1994). Of course it isn’t just milk that causes in the human body a peaks in omega 6, a cause is also given by an excessive intake of oils such as sunflower and soy oil, the use and overuse of vegetable margarine, the eggs produced by hens fed with corn. And the solution? A good choice is to prefer condiments such as extra virgin olive oil or flaxseed oil and avoid margarine. But the scientists have also observed another very interesting thing that happens when animals are fed also with flax seeds. At the end of an experiment (Weill et al, Ann Nutr Metab, 2002) lasted 3 months, in which the participants introduced in their diet foods produced from animals fed with an extra addition of flax seeds, the blood of the people who took part to the experiment showed an amount of omega 3 three times higher than omega 6. In addition to this, the same experiment performed on people in overweight and with diabetes, who didn’t modified their diet except the fact that they replaced products obtained from animals fed with corn and soy with foods obtained from animals fed with herbs and flaxseed, showed that these people were able to lose weight. For this reason, you can understand that little changes in the daily diet may help counteract the overweight and the abdominal fat, a situation that in the long run shows the highest risk of developing illnesses after the cigarette smoke.
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