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Fenugreek lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, against stress, energetic and with a calming effect
Fenugreek seeds used as herbal tea offers a lot of interesting healthy properties. Fenugreek indeed is able to lower cholesterol by regulating its quantity in blood and by limiting the absorption of that part of cholesterol introduced with nutrition. Fenugreek is also useful to decrease blood sugar and against stress, because these seeds have a calming and energetic effect. To prepare the herbal tea soak for a whole night a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a quart of cold water, the next morning boil for 15 minutes. Drink the tea, better without food, one cup a day for no longer than one week. Fenugreek contains indeed a substance, trigonelline, that, if taken for a long period of time, could be toxic. Since fenugreek decreases blood sugar, if you are taking insulin it is better to ask your doctor for advice.
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