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Ficus carica, the remedy that protects the stomach

Ficus carica, the remedy that protects the stomach

Protects the stomach, liver and intestines, counteracts stomach acid, gastritis, reflux but also irritable colon, calming and healing in case of gastric ulcer, also acts against anxiety and neuralgia
The buds of the fig tree, scientific name ficus carica from the Moraceae family, are the ingredient of a natural remedy that is truly beneficial for the health of our gastrointestinal system. We are talking about the glycerine macerate of ficus carica, which you can easily find in a pharmacy or herbalist's shop. But what are the properties of this remedy and for which ailments is it indicated? Let's try to understand better.

Ficus carica glyceric macerate, properties for stomach and gut

Ficus carica glyceric macerate is antioxidant, hepatoprotective and acts on the stomach and duodenum (Aghel et al, Iran J Pharm Res, 2011 - Badgujar et al, Pharmaceutical Biology. , 2014). In particular, this remedy helps to regulate gastric motility and secretions. Therefore, the fig helps in case of heartburn, reflux, gastritis but also gastric ulcers, contributing to the healing of the mucous membranes. Not only that, the fig, especially if associated with cranberry macerate, or vaccinum vitis idaea, is useful in case of meteorism (Brigo, Natural Medicine from A to Z). Finally, the fig, thanks to its antispasmodic action, also calms stomach pain, abdominal cramps and symptoms related to irritable bowel syndrome (Brigo, Natural Medicine from A to Z).

Glycerine macerate against anxiety and neuralgia

But the properties of the glycerine macerate of ficus carica do not end here. In fact, this remedy is also calming, useful in states of anxiety and depression. Not only that, the macerate, thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, helps in case of trigeminal neuralgia (Brigo, Natural Medicine from A to Z - Zhang et al, Onco Targets Ther, 2018).

Glycerine macerate of ficus carica, how to take it

You can take 30 drops of glycerine macerate of ficus carica in a little water a quarter of an hour before main meals (Brigo, Natural Medicine from A to Z). Fig macerate is generally considered safe but its use in pregnancy and breastfeeding is not recommended. Always ask your doctor for advice before starting any treatment if you are taking any medications.

Ficus glycerine macerate, synergies

The glycerine macerate of ficus carica can maximize its action thanks to the synergies with other preparations (Brigo, Natural Medicine from A to Z). As mentioned above, in case of meteorism it is useful to combine it with the glycerine macerate of cranberry or vaccinum vitis idaea. In case of gastroduodenal ulcer, however, the association with black alder macerate, or alnus glutinosa, may be useful. To counteract anxiety, the synergy is with the glycerine macerate of linden, or tilia tomentosa.
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