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Flax seeds, other uses

Flax seeds, other uses

Emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, helps to calm the persistent cough, against sinusitis, useful in case of stomach pain, colitis, gastritis and inflammation of the stomach
Our grandmothers knew about natural remedies. Here an ancient remedy, handed down through generations, used to fight persistent cough that continues also during night, sinusitis and bronchitis, ideal for this period of the year. We are talking about the flax seed compress, simple but effective at the same time. The first thing is to grind the flax seeds, which must be dry and therefore do not pre-soak them. Alternatively, you can buy flax flour, you can find it in specialized stores. Now moisten the flax flour with water until you get a dough and heat it until it reaches 40 °C. Wrap the warm dough in a handkerchief and hold it on the chest in case of cough or on the forehead to counteract sinusitis. Alternatively, you can also prepare a decoction with flax seed, boil a cup of water and 10 grams of flaxseed for a quarter of an hour, filter and drink. Thanks to its emollient and anti-inflammatory properties, the decoction can help fight cough and it is also useful in cases of colitis, gastritis and stomach inflammations.
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