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Floral waters, the essence of plants on the skin

July 08, 2020
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Floral waters, the essence of plants on the skin

Floral waters capture the essence of the plant and, unlike essential oils, are more delicate and can be applied directly on the skin making it brighter and more elastic, contrasting wrinkles, redness or acne, depending on the plant from which they are obtained

Floral waters, waters of beauty! A small spray and here we are wrapped in the essence of rose, or lavender or why not orange or lemon balm. The skin becomes luminous and the amazing scent, which can be sweet, but also fresh, citrusy or relaxing, remains in the nostrils. Floral waters are excellent cosmetics, to be sprayed on the face after normal cleaning and before applying serums, oils or creams. But let's understand how they are produced, their properties and how to use them.

Floral waters, how they are produced

Industrial floral waters are generally obtained at the same time as the essential oil production process (Hamedi et al, J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med., 2017). During steam distillation or hydrodistillation, the water evaporates together with the essential oil, these vapors are condensed and liquefied. Thus two phases are formed that are then separated, the essential oil is bottled and sent to the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry while the floral water is diluted in water, then it can be bottled and marketed. The craft production process, instead, involves preparing real decoctions where parts of the plant are added to brew.

Then, the product is filtered and bottled. Floral water can be enriched with essential oils and other substances that act as moisturizers, soothing agents and preservatives, because, since they are aqueous products, some bacterial proliferation is likely to be observed (Labadie et al, Food Res Int, 2015).

Floral water, properties

Floral water, unlike essential oils, which are very concentrated, powerful and, apart from a few exceptions, cannot be used pure on the skin, can be sprayed or applied directly on the skin without problems (Hamedi et al, J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med., 2017). Floral waters contain dispersed essential oils and water-soluble substances which confer anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties (Politi et al, Molecules, 2020). Each floral water, however, is characterized by particular properties based on the plant from which it is obtained. For example, rose water calms and relaxes, is an anti-aging and combats dull skin, makes the skin luminous and soothes sunburn (Lee et al, Food Sci Nutr., 2018). Lavender water is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory (Kunicka-Styczy?ska et al, Lett Appl Microbiol, 2015), lemon balm water is soothing, perfect for red and irritated skin, it relieves tension and helps in case of insomnia and stress (Ramanauskien? et al, Evid Based Complement Alternat Med, 2015), orange blossom water is calming and sedative and refreshes the skin (Anhargapour et al, Iran J Reprod Med, 2011) while chamomile water is soothing, cicatrizing and anti-inflammatory, suitable for all skin types (Miraj et al, Electron Physician, 2016). Here we have reported only a few examples, but it is possible to create floral water with all types of plant and each will give us a different property for our beauty.

Floral water, how to use it

Each floral water has different properties based on the plant from which it is produced. In general, however, you can spray the floral water as a tonic morning and evening after normal cleaning. Floral water will help the skin to better absorb the next product, such as a serum oil or cream. But floral water can also be sprayed on the face or body as needed during the day, to refresh, soothe a redness, irritation or an itch.

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