Fumaria officinalis
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Fumaria officinalis


Stimulant for the secretion of bile, promotes digestion, helps in case of liver function problems, dermatitis, acne related to liver disorders, migraines, purifying action.


Fumaria officinalis, known also as fumitory or common fumitory, belongs to the Papaveraceae family, already known to the ancient people, like the physicians Dioscorides and Galen, that used this plant in order to regulate the bile ducts and the liver function. The fumitory has a purifying action, it stimulates bile secretion and brings benefits in case of poor digestion and dermatitis linked to problems of liver function. The fumitory has also hypotensive properties and helps in case of headache and migraines, especially if linked to digestive disorders. Take the fumitory for short cycles of treatment.


For the purifying action, useful in case of acne and dermatitis, the infusion is prepared by leaving to brew a tablespoon of dry fumitory per liter of water for ten minutes. Drink a cup before meals for one week.

Mother tincture

For a purifying cure you can take 15 drops before meals for one month, while in case of digestive problems 30-40 drops three times a day for two months.
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