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Garcinia cambogia

Garcinia cambogia

It seems to have slimming action that can control the sense of hunger and the accumulation of fat, but studies at this time are still conflicting
Garcinia is a plant native to Indonesia, the peel can be dried and is used as an ingredient for the preparation of some types of curry. According to tradition, garcinia has slimming properties and is considered as an excellent fat-burning fruit able to limit the accumulation of fat and the sense of hunger. Many studies were performed on the active ingredient of the garcinia contained in its peel, the hydroxycitric acid, that, unlike citric acid contained in citrus fruits, is very rare in nature, but at the moment there are conflicting results. A study conducted in 1998 and published in the magazine Journal of American Medical Association did not recognize the effect of garcinia in weight loss since the results obtained in terms of weight loss were not superior to placebo. Another study conducted in 2005 and published in the magazine Current Therapeutic Research by Japanese researchers would seem instead to show the ability of garcinia to reduce the body fat. We recommend not to consider garcinia a miraculous fruit for weight loss, as each nutrient it should be placed within a varied diet with a lifestyle that includes physical exercise. Garcinia is not recommended during pregnancy or in people with diabetes because its effect is to decrease the blood glucose. The recommended dose for taking this integrator is two 300 mg capsules per day before main meals, do not exceed 12 weeks.
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